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See how you can use conversational AI to engage with your audience at scale. With Respeak, we support you with uncovering mission-critical insights by combining 7+ years of research in a powerful web app.

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Amazing Features

Deep customization

Create your dialog in 10 minutes or less. Add your CI. Decide for which questions you want to go deep, and how deep. Or our deep training module to teach our system to speak your language.

Super fast

We spend a lot of time designing an interface that helps you get it done. Get started in under 10 minutes. Test quickly, iterate fast with your team. Insights at the touch of a button and in real-time. What are you waiting for?

Engaging social cue design

Utilize the latest research in engaging design and dialog theory to motivate your participants and boost your data quality. Get to the real why faster and cheaper.

Advanced analytics

Our analysis dashboard helps you learn about your audience in an instant with real-time insights in presentation-ready shape. Make validated decisions with advanced emotion, topic and cluster analysis.

Online support

Our goal is to help you succeed in getting the insights that you need. Our research-based and market-proven templates help you get started. We'll provide you with our expertise to get it done.

Data export

And in case you want to dive deeper into your data, use our excel export to get all your data in a post-processing ready shape. Talk to us if you need exports in other or specialized formats.

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More About Respeak

Our AI modules adapt your dialog adapts for each participant during the dialog and prompt them for additional information. This individualized dialog enables us to collect detailed information while motivating and entertaining the participants so that they enjoy helping your company. Here are four reasons to choose us:

Start with your
own survey or
with our templates

Intelligent prompts

Learn from your data
starting with
participant #1

Be part of the next
generations of survey-
interview hybrids

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Here are a few more screens to help you get an idea of how our tool looks and feels. You can get started with your own dialog in minutes. Reach out to us to get your demo by tomorrow.

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Get in touch now. have your Trial dialog by tomorrow.