Standing on the shoulders of giants

Juli 28, 2022
3:16 pm

„Standing on the shoulders of giants“ is a concept that’s essential to the startup world 🚀


The metaphor itself is age-old (dating back to the 12th century), and can be translated to „make use of what came before you“. This can mean ideas, companies, failures, successes, learnings, …


🌅 This morning, a came across an inspiring article by Niko Grupen on the Andreessen Horowitz blog:


In a nutshell, young tech/AI-based startups will have a hard time building AI models that outperform the big players (OpenAI, Nvidia, Microsoft…) and oftentimes stand on the shoulders of giants by building augmentation infrastructure around existing AI models.


It’s amazing that today there’s an infrastructure in place that makes it rather easy to piece together building blocks from various providers to design something new! The challenge for building a successful company then becomes how to augment existing things with new twists to build something unique.


For example, at respeak, we are mixing existing AI models with deterministic approaches to build engaging, chat-based dialogs. We use these dialogs for more engaging surveys – but also for engaging quiz experiences. Ever wanted to solve a crime with your favorite detective? We can make that happen 🔎


Now imagine the quiz experience would adapt to always provide the right skill-challenge balance for you. Image you could use this quiz to pick up new concepts, and have an accelerate, motivating learning experience.


👉 I’m curious, have you ever used a system that does just that?