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Meet the team

Dr. Jasper Feine

Co-Founder & CIO

Jasper is our expert for building engaging, human-centered, and functional tools. With 10+ scientific publications to his name, Jasper has a strong scientific background and an even stronger execution mindset to get cool things done quickly.

Dr. Tim Rietz

Co-Founder & CEO

Tim has a background in human-computer interaction, requirements engineering and consulting. Tim’s always striving to make engagement techniques like surveys and interviews scalable. He also does some design.

Melis Lekesiz


Melis is a computer scientist turned UX specialist. Melis enjoys understanding how to build the most enjoyable and usable systems even more than building them.

Nino Meisinger

Computational Linguistics

Nino is our scripting expert with a focus on our technical core competencies: understanding language to strengthen both the dialog experience and the data analysis.

Prof. Alexander Mädche


Alexander heads the research group “Information Systems & Service Design” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He is Respeaks bridge into the latest developments in IS, AI, and HCI research.

Dr. Christopher McLachlan


Christopher is the Co-Founder & ex CCO of pear.ai (exit to Exelon 2020) and head of the EnBW Company Builder. Christopher is our sparing partner regarding everything business. 

Our story

Surveys are not new – and that’s a good thing! Major problems can only be solved together and through an exchange. However, surveys bring with them many problems: What questions do I ask? How do I ask everything I want to know? How long should the questionnaire be? What questions can I ask so that I can evaluate the data? Here we take a different approach than previous providers by rethinking surveys: What if the survey worked like an interview? Based on an existing questionnaire or with prefabricated templates, our customers start directly with a dialog.

Thanks to AI modules, the dialog adapts to the participants at the right points and asks questions. This individual dialog enables us to collect detailed information. In our PhDs, we have already delved deeply into how to make user research interviews as scalable as surveys. We also explored how these dialogs can be created to be motivating and engaging. We had really promising results that spurred us on to take our research into practice. Today, Respeak is making it easy to involve participants via engaging, scalable dialogs, that can easily be explored and improved for each domain and analyzed in real-time.

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